2015 $125 RCM The Grey Fox 1/2 Kilo Silver


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The Royal Canadian Mint’s exciting new Conservation series highlights Canada’s endangered species and our country’s rich biodiversity. The second coin in this new three-coin series highlights the unique and rare grey fox. The reverse design by Canadian artist Laurene Spino features a full-body portrait of a grey fox standing on a maple bough. This lovely image captures the silent intensity of this extremely efficient predator. Viewed from its right side with its face turned toward the viewer, the furry fox stands poised to pounce from the bough on which it stands, its front left paw raised and ready for action. A variety of engraving and finishing techniques highlight the grey fox’s unique physical traits, including its masked eyes, dark back, tail stripe, and long legs. The left side of the image includes several branches of feathery maple leaves, underscoring the grey fox’s Canadian presence.


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